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What Preparations Should You Do Before Replacing Your Roof

If you’re wondering, “What preparations should you do before replacing your roof” Let HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors help you out. A roof replacement is a complex project. It requires considering many factors, and you must take charge of some of them before the job starts!

Preparation is crucial in a significant project like this. Indeed, you must do some things to get your home ready for a roof replacement

Below, we will walk you through this preparation process.


Preparing Your Yard

Here are some things you should do to your yard before the roofers arrive:

  • During the roof installation, the roofers will require access to your driveway to drop off materials, a dumpster, and bring in necessary equipment. Thus, park your car on the street some distance away rather than in the garage. 
  • The roofers will need access to your roof from all sides of your property. So, remove any patio furniture or toys that could be in the way of their work or damaged by falling debris.
  • Do you have statues, bird feeders, wind chimes, water fountains, or potted plants in your yard? Move them before the roofing project begins so that the workers can get to work. Even a single shingle falling might cause serious harm to fragile objects.
  • Do you have valuable or fragile plants? Mark them with orange tape and alert the roofing crew supervisor before they work. Also, you can cover other flower beds and plant containers with a tarp or netting.
  • It may not be possible to move sprinkler systems. In this case, mark them clearly so that roofers do not step on them. Similarly, label everything else buried in your yard.
  • Open any gates that may impede roofers from accessing your property if this could delay the roofing job.
  • Depending on the specifics of the roofing work, you may require powered equipment. Before the day of the roofing job, test any exterior electrical outlets to ensure they function well, saving you time. Think about which outlet they could reach through an open window or door if you do not have an outside one.
  • Your roofers will have an easier time cleaning up after finishing the job if you cut the grass short. As a bonus, you can be sure your yard will not be littered with roofing nails and other debris. 
  • Tell your next-door neighbors about the roofing work you plan to do. Let them know in advance so that they can prepare for the noise and disruption that may occur. Are your houses very close together? Your neighbors may also choose to secure their outside vegetation and other valuables. 

Preparing Your Home

To get your house ready, you should:

  • Remove valuables or fragile objects from the attic and store them safely on the ground floor.
  • Typically, garages lack insulation. So take extra precautions if roofers need to access the garage roof. Use a tarp to shield your valuables from the elements.
  • Take down any artwork or decorations on the walls since the vibrations from the hammering might cause them to fall. 
  • Roofers should board windows to prevent damage from falling shingles and other materials.
  • To prevent breakage caused by the project’s vibrations, secure any vases, glasses, china, plates, or other similar things. 

Preparing Your Family and Pets

  • Roofing repairs typically take at least two days. However, that time frame might vary depending on the complexity of your roof and other considerations. Everyone in the house may feel the effects of a new roof installation. But young children and pets may find it especially trying.
  • Keep pets indoors or take them to a safe location. Also, warn your children about the possibility of flying objects. Besides, you may send them to the home of a relative or friend.

Should You Replace Your Roof?

Although costly, a roof replacement is one of the most crucial improvements you can make to your house. Does your roof is getting up there in age? Consider replacing it. 

Whether you choose a traditional asphalt shingle roof or something more durable, finding a reliable roofing provider is essential. Inadequate installation may compromise your new roof’s integrity. So hiring a roofing company you trust to do the job right is crucial.

There is no need to go far for the top roofers in Louisiana, HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors is proud to deliver superior roofing at competitive costs and unrivaled service. Roofing projects may be a significant source of anxiety for homeowners. So we strive to make working with us as easy and stress-free as possible.

HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors can provide you with the help you need. You can get in touch with us by calling us at 225-414-6153. We service areas in Alexandria, Houma, and Ruston, LA.

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