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What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?

If you’re wondering, “What are impact resistant shingles?” Let HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors help you out. Homeowners today have more options than ever before to select a roofing material. Impact-resistant shingles are a type of roofing material that is growing in popularity due to their durability and protection. However, how do impact-resistant shingles differ from standard shingles? Let’s get down to brass tacks.


As the name implies, impact-resistant shingles are constructed to endure severe weather. Likewise, they withstand high impacts, such as hail and flying debris. Manufacturers out these shingles through grueling tests to guarantee they can resist adverse situations. For example, they drop steel balls on them from a set height. Shingles that remain intact after experiencing this impact get a grade of Class 4, the highest possible.

How Impact-Resistant Shingles Work?

Impact-resistant shingles’ longevity originates from their rubbery, bendable composition. Impact-resistant shingles can take a beating and yet return to their previous form. On the contrary, traditional shingles would shatter and split under pressure. This resistance to injury is due to their capacity to “flex” rather than break.

The Advantages of Impact-Resistant Shingles

  • Impact-resistant shingles have remarkable durability and resistance to severe weather. Thus, they are an excellent option for roofing in places prone to hail storms. Moreover, homeowners may need to do fewer roof repairs or replacements.
  • Homes with impact-resistant roofs have a lower risk of weather-related damage. This feature has led insurance providers to provide discounts on homeowner’s insurance plans for such properties.
  • Impact-resistant shingles come in several color and design options. So, homeowners may get the durability they need without losing their home’s curb appeal.
  • The value of your property might rise with the installation of impact-resistant shingles because of their resilience, lifespan, and aesthetic appeal.

Do you need to safeguard your property from severe weather? Do you want to improve your curb appeal? Consider purchasing impact-resistant shingles. 

Yet, the benefits of these shingles depend on their proper installation. That is why choosing roofing experts familiar with installing impact-resistant shingles is crucial.

What Are Shingles Rated as Class 4 Impact Resistant?

Roofing materials with a Class 4 impact rating are the best in their category. They resist the most forceful impacts, such as those from hailstorms.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an impartial safety certification organization, assigns this ranking. The UL 2218 impact test involves dropping steel balls of various sizes, representing hailstones. They let them fall from 20 feet onto the roofing material.

Materials receive a Class 4 grade if they remain intact after being struck twice in the same area by a 2-inch steel ball. They must not show signs of cracking or rupturing on the front or rear. 

Class 4 impact-resistant shingles are exceptionally sturdy and may protect a home from hail and debris.

The various categories are as follows.

  • Class 1: The shingle does not break when struck twice with the 1.25-inch steel ball in the same location.
  • Class 2: The shingle is still in one piece after being hit twice by a 1.50-inch steel ball.
  • Class 3: Two hits from a 1.75-inch steel ball in the same spot will not fracture the shingle.
  • Class 4 impact resistance means the shingle will not break even after being hit twice with a steel ball 2.0 inches in diameter.

Where Can I Find Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles?

Shingles from CertainTeed have earned the coveted Class 4 Impact Resistance grade. This features their new PRESIDENTIAL SHAKE® IR Impact shingles in addition to their LANDMARK® IR.

Your roof will have the traditional hues and dimensional appearance of natural roofing materials thanks to Landmark IR’s smooth shadow lines, random tab design, and revolutionary color blending technique. A shingle with a lifetime warranty is created when great durability and stylish appearance are combined.

Consequently, homeowners who want the best protection for their roofs can’t go wrong with either PRESIDENTIAL SHAKE® IR or LANDMARK® IR. Do you want to ensure these high-performance shingles are installed and maintained properly? Go to a professional roofing company like HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors.

Selecting a Roofing Contractor

We at HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors are well-versed in various roofing materials, including impact-resistant shingles. We can help you choose the right one for your property. Call us today for further details, and let’s get started on your roofing project immediately!

We are the premier roofing business and are proud of our excellent service. We employ the most qualified experts and high-quality materials to ensure we do the job correctly the first time.

HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors can provide you with the help you need. Getting in touch with us can be done by calling us at 225-414-6153. We service areas in Alexandria, Houma, and Ruston, LA.

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