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What Do I Do If I Have Hail Damage on My Roof?

If you’re wondering, “What do I do if I have hail damage on my roof?” Let HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors help you out! Hailstorms are one of the most destructive weather events you can experience, particularly if your home’s roof is compromised. Damage from hailstorms can range from small dents to severe penetration of the … Read more

What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?

If you’re wondering, “What are impact resistant shingles?” Let HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors help you out. Homeowners today have more options than ever before to select a roofing material. Impact-resistant shingles are a type of roofing material that is growing in popularity due to their durability and protection. However, how do impact-resistant shingles differ from … Read more

How Much Does a New Roof Cost

If you’re wondering “How much does a new roof cost?” Let HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors help you out. Let’s break down how much a new roof costs and what you can do to keep those costs down! Let’s get started! How Much Does a New Roof Replacement Cost? According to most homeowners, the average cost … Read more

How Can I Fix My Skylights?

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I fix my skylights?” Let HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors help you out. Every homeowner deserves to have a brighter and more refreshed home, and skylights are the perfect solution. Not only are today’s state-of-the-art skylights stylish and affordable, but they can transform any room in your home – be … Read more

What Causes Granule Loss on Roofing Shingles?

Shingle Roofs: Still the Most Popular Roofing Material in the U.S. If you’re wondering, “What causes granule loss on roofing shingles?” Let HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors help you out. Are you looking into getting shingles, interested in learning more about shingles, or considering replacing your current shingle roof? If so, you’re in pretty good company. … Read more

Why Does My Chimney Leak?

If you’re wondering, “Why does my chimney leak?” Let HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors help you out! Does your chimney have water filtering through the chimney edges? Chimneys are crucial elements for many homeowners. But they can also be a source of problems. After years of withstanding heavy storms and weather effects, it is not rare … Read more

Should I Be at Home During My Roofing Project?

If you’re wondering, “Should I be at home during my roofing project?” Let HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors help you answer this! As a reliable protective covering over your home, your roof has faithfully shielded you from harsh weather elements over the years. However, like everything else, it has an expected life and, eventually, requires a … Read more

What Do I Need to Know About My Roof? 

If you’re asking yourself “What do I need to know about my roof?” Let HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors help you out. Your roof is a crucial component of your home, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes. In this article, our experts will cover the various components of a typical residential roofing system and their functions, … Read more

Weathers Devastating Effects on Your Roof

In this article from HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors, we talk about weathers devastating effects on your roof. The largest danger to your roofing system comes from nature’s elements. If you do not maintain your roof, intense weather may deteriorate its surface quickly. Wind, temperature, rain, and snow are only some natural elements that may wreak … Read more

What is the Best Roof Venting Option?

Neglecting your roof ventilation can result in some serious issues in your home including water damage, mold growth, and rotten decking, to name a few. So, what is the best roof venting option? Not only are these issues expensive and time-consuming to fix, but they are hazardous to your health. That’s why you should consider … Read more

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