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What is the Optimal Roof Coating for Your Roof?

What is the optimal roof coating for your roof? Let HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors help you out. You can keep in good condition a business roof in several ways. In this sense, flat roof coatings have gained popularity as a cost-effective alternative to full roof replacement. Several roofing coatings exist, each with its unique set of sealing properties. As we discuss below, different roofing materials require different coatings.


When May Be Necessary to Apply a Commercial Roof Coating  

If any of the following cases are occurring to your roof, a commercial roof coating may be your best long-term alternative for roof maintenance:

  • The current roof is old and needs replacement
  • Your roof has leaks
  • 25% or less of the roof’s substrate is water-saturated
  • The current maintenance budget cannot cover a new roof installation 

Types of Roof Coatings

Depending on the roof and structure, you can apply several coatings:

  • Silicone Roof Coating

For numerous reasons, silicone is one of our go-to coatings for installation. When applied correctly, silicone coatings may add decades to your roof’s expected lifespan. Roofs with a silicone coating are impervious to water and can resist an infinite amount of ponding. 

Practically, all types of roofing suffer severely from ponding water, except for silicone-coated roofs. Besides, silicone can withstand the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, another enemy of most roofing materials.

  • Urethane Roof Coating

Roofing companies also use widely urethane coatings for commercial roof waterproofing. When you allow urethane to cure and firm, it forms a smooth, long-lasting membrane with some resistant to impact. Because of its malleability, you can shape it to fit any king of roof shape. Likewise, urethane is an excellent material for high-traffic roofs.

  • Acrylic Roof Coating

Acrylic coatings have gained popularity due to the benefits they give on built-in sloped roofs. To protect your home from the harsh weather, consider an acrylic (or “elastomeric”) coating. Because of their effectiveness against rust on industrial metal roofs, acrylic coatings have gained acceptance among roofers and property owners.

  • Castagra Ecodur Roof Coating

Castagra’s Ecodur roof coating stands apart from the competition. We refer to it as an eco-plastic as it is produced using plentiful natural elements (gypsum and castor oil) and cures into a tough, plastic-like membrane. Ecodur’s legendary adherence to any roofing substrate, including gravel built-up roofs, has made it a favorite among roofing professionals.

  • Polyurethane Roof Coating

When compared to urethane coatings, polyurethane finishes are more robust and hard. Cured polyurethane roof coating is excellent for impact protection because of its stiffness. As a result of its firmness, the polyurethane roof coating is an excellent coating material for areas with heavy traffic. 

  • Polyureas Roof Coating

Polyureas coatings are a reliable choice for metal, spray foam, and built-up roofs. It prevents rusting, stands up to chemicals and wear, and improves the structure’s toughness.

  • Rubberized Aluminum Roof Coating

The reflective properties or rubber aluminum roof coatings, sometimes known as “silver coat” have made them a popular choice for flat roofs. Rubber gives these coverings the pliability they need to withstand debris impact. Besides, on modified bitumen, built-up cap sheet, and torch-down cap sheet roofs, rubberized aluminum coatings are the norm.

  • Asphalt Roof Coating

When it comes to water resistance, asphalt is among the greatest materials out there. As a waterproofing layer, asphalt is excellent when it has been thinned with solvents and put to an already-existing roof.

Shingle Grains

In cases where there will be a lot of people walking on the roof, the coating should include granules. Many coating materials become slippery after rain and snow, but granules give a walking surface that helps enhance safety to the roof. Due to the hail damage, it is crucial that any roof coating incorporates granules to increase its impact resistance. Granules are needed for the coating process of a spray foam (SPF) roof.

What Kind of Roof Coating Do I Require?

Are you deciding on a roof coating? You must consider several variables to make your choice. 

Considerations such as roof substrate, slope (or lack thereof), foot traffic, and building usage can help you determine the best coating for your structure. 

You need to ensure the coating material you choose will work as a long-term solution for your business roof repair. Therefore, talk to a certified roof coating specialist.

HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors can provide you with the help you need. You can get in touch with us by calling us at 225-414-6153. We service areas in Alexandria, Houma, and Ruston, LA.

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