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Benefits of a Commercial Roof Replacement

Benefits of a commercial roof replacement from HUDCO Roofing and Exteriors. For a business owner, it is extremely important to weigh their options when it comes to making investments. You must make sure that you get a high return on every investment you make. 

A commercial roof replacement is a significant investment. And the fact that it is a time-consuming and complex process is enough to deter many building owners put off such projects for months and even years in some cases.


While the exorbitant cost involved in a typical roof replacement project can be overwhelming for many owners, it is one of those projects that can deliver huge returns if performed properly. Additionally, there are always attractive financing options and insurance coverage that can help you get your dream roof without breaking the bank. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits you can reap if you invest in a new commercial roof.

1. Energy Efficiency

Existing roofs of many commercial buildings were installed at a time when energy efficiency technologies were still in their infancy. If that’s the case with your roof, then you can benefit immensely from a cutting-edge new roofing system. Today’s energy efficiency standards are leaps and bounds ahead of traditional technologies. State-of-the-art modern materials feature an array of advanced energy-efficient features ranging from enhanced insulation to exceptional reflective properties. By simply installing such an advanced energy-efficient roof on your building, you can save some serious money on your energy bills every month. As this will also reduce your reliance on HVAC systems, you’ll enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment in the building.  

2. Aesthetics

A roof is one of the largest visible areas of any building. When it comes to commercial buildings, it can make or break your impression among your potential and existing clients. After all, it is one of the first things those potential customers notice when they visit your business. 

Simply replacing your old and worn-out roof with something modern and fresh subtly convey a clear message to your clients that you are serious about your business and won’t go anywhere anytime soon. The aesthetics and quality of your commerce buildings will give them a good idea about the quality they can expect from your products and services.

3. Maintenance

Roof maintenance is an often-overlooked area. Most commercial property owners pay little to no attention to their roofs until they start noticing visible issues inside the building. In such cases, they simply repair the superficial defects without addressing the underlying cause. Over time, this can lead to more severe roofing issues that can increase your costs and headaches even further.  

If your roofing system has reached the end of its lifespan, repairing it repeatedly doesn’t make any sense. It will drain away from your hard-earned money without providing you with any reliable solution. Not only will a new roof need minimal maintenance, but it will also help you get rid of all the underlying causes of your roofing problems once and for all. 

4. Safety 

With the advancement of technology, the knowledge of safe construction practices in roofing has grown tremendously in recent years. Manufacturers continue to create better materials and techniques to ensure optimum safety for the people while boosting the curb appeal of properties at the same time.

When it comes to the safety of your roof, you need to consider the following factors: 

Accessibility issues like incorrectly attached ladders, damaged or rusted hatches, poorly maintained elevators, and damaged scaffolding, among others

Footing issues like damaged or missing roof-edge barriers, improperly installed skylights, protrusions, and vents; slippery surfaces, and loose debris

Exposure problems like chemical vapor or toxic materials; pest and rodent droppings; exposed electrical wiring and extreme heat

Loose shingles, tiles, and damaged membranes can lead to falls and accidents. 

Schedule a thorough inspection of your roofing system to address these concerns immediately. If you’re renovating or repairing your roof, make sure to fix all these roofing issues at the same time. By getting all your roof repair work done at once, you can save a lot on your repair costs.

Benefits of a Commercial Roof Replacement 

HUDCO Roofing & Exteriors can provide you with the help you need. Getting in touch with us can be done by calling us at 225-364-1007. We service areas in Houma, Lake Charles and New Orleans, LA.

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